Uni-Y Alumni: Ms Cheong May-Anne

Uni-Y Alumni: Ms Cheong May-Anne

As the President of Uni-Y NUS, could you share your experience in leading a relatively new club?

It was extremely daunting. Uni-Y NUS was at its infancy, and I was a very loss freshmen.  If I knew what was up ahead, I think the more physiological reaction would have been to find a route of escape. Everything was very unfamiliar and there was a lot of uncertainty. But what supported the club through the difficult teething stages was the YMCA family, our sister club Uni-Y SMU and the diverse team of Uni-Y NUS.

Looking back, how has the experience shaped how you think and act now?

Uni-Y added an additional dimension to my university life. Being a medical student, it was very easy to just focus on school. Uni-Y placed me out of my comfort zone and set the purpose to serve the community outside the healthcare field. Essentially it seeded the mentality “You are never too busy to serve.”

Some words of encouragement for future batch of Uni-Y leaders?

When I attended last year’s Annual General Meeting; I had only one reaction – WOAH! It’s so amazing to see how Uni-Y has grown from strength to strength with such a fervent and spirited team. It’s a testimony of how God’s goodness and faithfulness. Matthew 5:16 puts it best: ” In the same way, let your light shine before man, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”


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