The YMCA Conversation Series – “Let’s Talk Business: The Insider Heart”

The YMCA Conversation Series – “Let’s Talk Business: The Insider Heart”

38 participants gathered on 7th September 2013 at Singapore Management University to take part in the 2nd event of The YMCA Conversation Series that centered around social entrepreneurship.

Our invited guests were Ms Lynette Yeo, Assistant General Secretary (Social Enterprises), YMCA of Singapore, Associate Professor Dr Albert Teo, Director (Chua Thian Poh Community Leadership Programme, NUS), Mr Glen Ng, General Manager (Dialogue in the Dark Singapore), Mr Richardo Chua, Founder (Adrenalin Group of Social Enterprises), Ms Shelley Siu, founder (The Singapore Shawl), Mr Benny Se Teo, Founder and Director (Eighteen Chefs) and Mr Justin Chou, Co-founder and CEO (Greendot Fast Food).

The event started with a keynote address by Ms Lynette Yeo, followed by a workshop by Mr Benny Se Teo. After which, participants broke up into 2 groups and attended concurrent workshops by the different invited speakers. Following that, participants gathered together again for an open panel discussion, which was facilitated by Associate Professor Dr Albert Teo.

It was an enriching and enjoyable time as participants had the opportunity to interact and learn more from the experience and expertise of our invited social entrepreneurs and speakers. Booths from the various organisations and companies were also set up during lunch for participants to further engage in a deeper conversation with the speakers. The social enterprises Sidewalk Gallery Café from University-YMCA (Uni-Y) NUS and Jericho’s Rooftop Café from Uni-Y SMU were also present to showcase the platform where university students can get involved in a social enterprise while still in school.


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