With a mission to develop and empower youth to be servant leaders who will impact our local and international communities, Uni-Y Singapore focuses on developing youth through 2 main focuses – Social Impact and Holistic Enrichment.

Through our Social Impact and Holistic Enrichment Programmes, the Uni-Y mission is achieved, where each youth is developed and empowered to become a servant leader who will impact our local and international communities. At Uni-Y, we believe that a servant leader should possess the 4Cs:


Involves my intentions, words & actions

"I ought to live out the values of C-Share (Compassion, Servant Leadership, Honesty, Accountability, Respect & Excellence)."


Involves believing I am able

"I can lead and be the positive difference to those around me."


Involves gaining knowledge & skills

"I know how to use them for service of those around me"


Involves following through

"I will complete whatever I start"

At Uni-Y Singapore, we provide a variety of platforms for each volunteer to be developed and empowered to be a servant leader possessing the 4Cs. The desired outcome of the Uni-Y journey is for the servant leader to be transformed into a Community Champion, actively serving others in their respective positions in society.